Sunday, 31 July 2011

Oh Hello again...

Haven't done this in a while have we?

Well fear not... we are well and truly back in the blogosphere.

We've arrived in Edinburgh and our flat "the gimp-house" is genuinely amazing. For the first time we won't have to share beds at the Fringe (I've woken up next to Richard's face one too many times...) and our flat includes some incredible and unique design features...

a telescope.

a giant lava lamp.

a painting of a child angel of death.

... and a larder that looks into the shower.

All true.

So stay tuned people, as we document what should be another chaotic, exciting and hopefully succesful Edinburgh Fringe. We'll be blogging every day and video blogging as much as we can too.

Better go now... we're up at half six for our technical rehearsal.

We open in three days!


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