Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Last Night...


We.... feel..... awful.

Let me explain...

Last night we did our last show at the Galway Comedy Festival 2010 and it went brilliantly. We'd made some tweaks to the show since the night before, and the best surprise of all was that the room was full. About a hundred or so people turned up and were a fantastically supportive audience. If you were there- thank you. You made our weekend. A big Thank you to Kevin and everyone at the Roisin Dubh too for putting us up, looking after us and showing us the best that Galway has to offer, we loved every minute.

After the show however, is where things started to go wrong for us in terms of decision-making. Pappy's had come to the show so we decided to go drinking afterwards. Bear in mind it was now midnight and we had to be up and off to the airport to fly home in six hours. An hour and a few drinks later we decided to go to the silent disco... it is here the wheels really started to come off.

Between songs, Matt from Pappy's was inexplicably downing pints of Guinness so naturally, we all joined in. We were all stood in a circle (except Paul- who'd given his pint to Lee while he went to the loo) and were going round downing Guinness after Guinness like some bizarre alcoholic initiation ceremony.

Of course we all gleefully got on with the downing, pint after pint until it got to Lee. Now Lee was looking worried, but none of us knew why, we were all just shouting at him to down it, which after a moments hesitation, he did. As Paul returned from the loo in search of his pint Lee'd been looking after.... we all realised. Paul wasn't happy. Everyone else was in stitches. Still, minors* shouldn't really be drinking so fair's fair.

At half two, with three and a half hours till we had to be up, we probably should have knocked it on the head. Instead, we traipsed across town to the Raddison hotel as their bar was open till four. Of course. A few more Guinness and, regrettably, a kebab later... we got back to the apartment at five. One hour before we had to be up for our flight.

The hours of the morning between six and landing back in England are something of a miserable blur. All I know is I was in more pain than I thought possible, and I was tired. So, so tired. We were in a bad way, and as we slumped into our seats on the plane, we duly collapsed:

All in all though, it was all worth it. What a brilliant weekend and what a fantastic thing the Galway Comedy Festival is. Thanks to everyone to came to the shows, we hope we'll see you again next year!



*Paul's nickname is Junior.

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