Saturday, 23 October 2010

The first show...

So we did our first full Late Night Gimp Fight show at the Galway Comedy Festival, and it was a success, thank god.

We'd spent most of the day attempting to flyer and generally worrying that no-one would come as:
a) we're not exactly as The Beatles over here, and
b) only nine people had booked.

In the end, about seventy people made it down to the show so the room was pretty full and the reaction from those who came was really good. In celebration of this we decided to stay at the venue drinking guinness till four in the morning so today we are feeling a little worse for wear. Matt Tizzle has gone back to bed and Richard was last seen wandering down a road saying he was "Off to buy a postcard". That was three hours ago.

I think hair of the dog is the order of the day so we're off to have a pint and a chinwag with sketch legends Pappy's and then do our final show. Hopefully with a bit of luck the buzz after last night's show will ensure we get a good crowd tonight. Fingers crossed.

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