Friday, 22 October 2010

Our Irish debut...

One word to describe last night's gig... awesome.

Phil Nichol did sterling work as MC, and Phill Jupitus and Karl Spain kicked the night off in great style. We were on in the second half and spent the interval worrying if our references to British TV shows in our closing song would be completely lost on the Irish crowd. Luckily, they weren't. Turns out they have Loose Women over here too. Our stuff was really well received, which was great as it was a packed house so that should get some buzz going.

The highlight of the night however was the finale, after the brilliant Dead Cat Bounce had done their set Phil Nichol came back on stage and brought back all the acts on with him for a rendition of I'm The Only Gay Eskimo, the memory of which will stay with us for a while.

This morning Massimo and I ate our own bodyweight at the breakfast buffet and now we're checking out of our hotel to move to an apartment nearer our venue for the shows. The hotel lobby this morning is like a comedians Who's Who... we just met Brendon Burns who's flown in from L.A. to be here and Andrew Maxwell just wandered in with his son. Looking round I can see Jimeoin and David O'Doherty too... oh, and there's Phill Jupitus getting out of a lift. Just a normal Friday.

We wandered out in the pouring rain to the university to flyer some students and spread the word of the gimp, then we went for coffee and muffins and then Matt dropped his bouncy ball in a canal.

Matt Tizzle and Campbell just arrived so we're off for dinner now and then the show. We'll let you know if anyone shows up.


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