Friday, 19 August 2011

and another...

Saw two more really great shows today, both of which I'd highly recommend.

First Matthew Crosby (of Pappy's fame) AdventureParty. Matthew has such a likeable and easy manner that the show flies by, with loads of really memorable moments (his line about Wifi is f***ing priceless). Also, if you're a Nando's fan (and if you're not, you have no place reading this blog, seriously, what's your problem?) then seeing this show is a bit like coming home.

Then Joel Dommet's fantastic Neon Hero. I don't know how this show isn't completely sold out, it deserves to be. Joel weaves his best stand-up with an unbelievable story of what happened to him over one week of his life. It's a true story that tugs at the heart strings and leaves you feeling so warm and happy, it's definitely the most uplifting show I've seen this fringe. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Then as if that wasn't enough I came home to find Matt's girlfriend Milly, who'd been staying with us for a few days, has left us quite the most chocolatey cake I've ever seen. Proper heart-attack chocolate goodness. I only had one slice and I already think I'm having a stroke.

Yes, those are slices of Mars bar on the top.



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