Friday, 26 August 2011

One final push.

Well we're getting very near to the end of the Festival now and as you can probably tell, the lack of sleep and the frantic desire to see all the shows left on our lists means the blog entries have fallen a bit behind. Sorry about that.

If I'm not around to chivvy the other gimps into doing the blog they don't get done as they're all too busy seeing stuff, sleeping off hangovers... or wrapping Richard up in carpets.

Anyway, to being you up to speed. We ticked off another gig on the fringe wishlist by playing the Udderbelly (the giant upside down purple cow) at Spanktacular! the other night, and we loved it. Great crowd, great gig, headlined by the superb Sammy J and Randy.

I saw Tim Key's show Masterslut which was fantastic. Every bit as funny and inventive as you'd hope. He's just announced he's doing a month-long run at Soho Theatre in December so if you missed the show up here, be sure to see it in London. I'm going again.

We saw Adam Riches' tour-de-force Bring Me the Head of Adam Riches. An unbelievably energetic, fun, anarchic and hilarious hour. I don't know how he's survived the month keeping up that energy. He deserves to win the Comedy Award for that alone. Brilliant.

This afternoon I saw Alex Horne's hilariously shambolic annual show, Taskmaster. It pits comics like Key, Watson, Long, Atkinson etc against each other in a year-long competition where they have to fulfil delightfully odd and creative tasks and this afternoon's show saw the results play out. Josie Long triumphed in the end, by stuffing 16 grapes into her mouth in a tie-break with Stuart Goldsmith. Other highlights included Key losing his comedy award and a young child winning a Ferrari. You had to be there, but it was great.

Back to our own show and we've had some great audiences this week and a nice review in the Metro. After tonight we'll have just three shows left. Some tickets are still available for the Sunday and Monday here.

Which brings me on to the upcoming weekend. This weekend has loomed large for us for a long time and now it's finally upon us. We're playing Reading and Leeds Festivals on Saturday and Sunday respectively, then travelling back to Edinburgh each day to do our own show in the evening. You heard that right.

We finish tonight's show, then have the final of the Great Big Sketch Off, which should finish around 1am, get to bed, get up at 6am to fly to London, jump in a hire car, drive to Reading Festival, soundcheck, do a half-hour set on the Alternative stage, drive back to the airport, fly back to Edinburgh, get a taxi to the Pleasance, do our show on Saturday night, get to bed, get up the next morning and get in a van and drive to Leeds, play the Alternative Stage, drive back to Edinburgh, do our show on Sunday night... and then collapse.

I'm getting the sweats now just thinking about it.

Still, we like a challenge.

We'll report back after this weekend, if we survive. In the mean-time follow us on twitter for live and -inevitably- increasingly panicked updates.

Good luck everyone.


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