Monday, 15 August 2011


Hello again.

Last night's show was fun. It was a little weird knowing two of our comedy heroes; Stewart Lee and Russell Kane were both in the audience. At least we know the latter enjoyed it after his very sweet tweet about it... I shudder to think what Mr Lee made of us.

The dreaded 'fringe flu' is threatening to rear its ugly head and Richard's voice is already sounding rather croaky so it was straight back home to bed for us.

Today was mainly taken up with filming for BBC at Edinburgh Fringe 2011. We were there to film ten minutes at the BBC Comedy Presents show this afternoon, it was all very glamorous. Here's Paul in make-up... she really had her work cut out.

There tends to be a lot of waiting around when you do any filming, so we spent most of the afternoon in the green room and today, we saw something extraordinary.

We were sat backstage with Tom Deacon and Joel Dommet talking about our shows when who should stride in but David Hasselhoff. That's right, The Hoff. As if the moment wasn't surreal enough who should walk in next? Ze Hoff! That's right, A Hoff impersonator! We watched behind fits of giggles as Ze Hoff met his hero and The Hoff got slowly more and more weirded out... it was a full on Hoff-off. Tom managed to capture the moment on his phone here.

My favourite moment was when the real Hoff, before leaving the room, turned to his double and declared: "May The Hoff be with you" and with that, he was gone. Legend.

The actual gig went well too (anything's going to be a bit of an anti-climax when you've witnessed a live Hoff-off) and you should be able to see our bits on BBC Three soon... watch this space!

We're sold out again tonight, but it's worth saying last night we had our first night that didn't sell out. So if you happen to be a Pleasance Pass holder and have been turned away, this could be the week we sneak you in as traditionally the third week's a bit quieter... so you may be in luck!

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