Saturday, 13 August 2011

Two nightmares in one night.

Helo. Injured David here.

So last night I did without doubt the stupidest thing I've ever done in my life.

I'd just put on a new black polo t'shirt I'd bought to wear for the show. As I was getting ready to leave I noticed that the collar was up. Not wanting to look any more pretentious than usual, or like I was trying to bring back the 'Cantona collar', I figured I'd need to iron it down. Most people would have taken the shirt off, gone to an ironing bored and done so. Not me. Not maverick Moon. I decided it would be a handy time saving -if incredibly dangerous- idea to just iron the collar down while I was still wearing the t'shirt.

I don't know how an idea like that could ever be considered good, but I pressed on. Literally. Sure enough, within a few seconds I'd missed the collar and managed to give myself a third degree burn with the iron. An hour before the show. Here is photographic documentation of my unparalleled idiocy:

Then to add insult to a very literal injury, last night's show was, to put it mildly, a bit of a nightmare. It was no-one's fault in particular but pretty much everything that could go wrong took it upon itself to do so. In style.

Some lowlights included the UV lights not working in our first UV scene. Have you ever performed an entirely visual sketch in total darkness before? No, nor had we, until last night. The reaction, as you'd expect, was utter confusion followed by a sympathetic (well, they had a go didn't they...) smattering of applause.

A number of sound cues played in the wrong order, and one of the videos we have between sketches decided not to play at all. This made a costume change between sketches impossibly quick for Matt so when he did almost make it onstage he caught his zimmer-frame in the curtain as he did so. It made for an absolutely chaotic finale. So much had gone wrong by this stage I think we were all openly laughing on stage. Oh well. We had to laugh about it afterwards... it was either that or cry.

Let's hope that's our nightmare show of the run done now. If you came last night we can only apologise! In the words of D:REAM...

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  1. I saw you twice, the second time on this night when i brought my boyfriend! I explained that you had some technical errors, but he still loved the show! It was'nt as noticeable as you though. Im coming to see you in Leeds for the third time... obsessive? No of course not.