Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Home Stretch...

Well, the final week of the Edinburgh Fringe 2011 is upon us! Only 7 performances to go...

For those of you wondering, I managed to make it back from the wedding (which was excellent by the way) in one piece and in time for the show. It was rather like an episode of Challenge Anneka except far more stressful and I wasn't wearing lycra. I had hoped that a train journey back to Edinburgh would be uneventful with the only stress being whether I could find a seat that didn't have a ticket stuffed in the back of it. Sadly the train broke down, the buffet car ran out of crisps and I was sat near a girl who was certain the man behind her was from the tv show The Only Way Is Essex. I know she was certain of this because she called 3 friends telling them as much. But apart from that, it was fine and it was nice to be back in the buzz of the fringe and the Pleasance Above. The show went really well and the day off hadn't completely erased the show from our brains. The night was finished in Central where my friends Nick and Herbie ate battered mars bars for the first time. It was a sight to behold but I fear their life expectancies may have suffered a massive blow...

While a wise person would have seen as many shows as possible at the beginning of the fringe when they were cheap and not selling out, I am now foolishly packing my days with as many shows as possible, shelling out lots of cash and being turned away from many. Just a few quick recommendations that I saw with Paul today: Skittles is an excellent one man show spoken mainly in verse that covers a relationship, really funny and touchingly sad. Also saw the excellent Matthew Crosby in Adventure Party. It was a wonderfully feel good show that reminded me it is alright to be a geek/nerd and was reassuring to find out that I'm not the only one who fights to open train doors first! I could happily listen to Matthew for hours. Catch it in the Pleasance Courtyard, it's excellent! And Brett Goldstein is also great, I hope he writes a book based on his strip club adventures, it sounds like there are way more stories to tell than his hour show permitted.

Well, it's almost time for our last Tuesday show. I have downed some Buttercup Cough Syrup and swallowed about 12 Vocalzones. It is going to be off the hook!

Bye for now

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