Friday, 12 August 2011

A Good day

Today was a good day.

We were taken to lunch at The Outsider by our agents. It's a great restaurant on George IV Bridge, the food is properly delicious. Half way through the meal we heard we'd been given a Five Star review by Steve Bennett on Chortle, which really made our day.

Chortle's basically the UK's official comedy website and if you work in comedy you tend to check it most days. Steve is the editor and wasn't that keen on our first show two years ago, so it was great to hear we'd managed to win him over with this year's show.

Here's the ★★★★★ review. It describes us as "A gloriously funny spunkstorm of bad taste" which, as quotes go, is a pretty memorable one.

We then toddled off to do a podcast for Xfm then I saw The Beta Males: The Train Job which I thoroughly enjoyed. A great piece of narrative comedy performed by four seriously commited, seriously sweaty young guys. Highly recommended.

I must also mention probably the best show I've seen so far this Fringe. Bane 3. Joe Bone is the kind of performer you could watch forever and it wouldn't be long enough. He and his guitarist Ben have concluded the Bane trilogy with a show that, remarkably, is even better than the previous two. Funny as f***, brilliantly performed and constantly inventive. Go see it. Now.


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