Thursday, 18 August 2011

Productive day all round...

Today I got up early (well, eleven) so I could finally cram in a lot of the shows I've been wanting to see.

First up was Kieran and the Joes, a very fine sketch show on at Just the Tonic at The Store. They use the audience really well- which I'm always really impressed by as in the gimps we're such a 'fourth wall up' no audience interaction kindof group so it's really enjoyable to see a group completely unafraid to involve the punters, and these guys do it brilliantly.

Next was a double-act I hadn't heard of but took a punt on, after being recommended by Dan from Delete the Banjax, called Ford and Akram... and it was a really pleasant surprise. The two girls are naturally very funny and have such confidence with their material that you can relax and just enjoy an hour of unusual but really entertaining double-act.

Then was Isy Sutie's Pearl and Dave, my favourite show of the day. Just a really, really lovely show. Heart-warming and heart-breaking in equal measure, delivered effortlessly and in such an engaging, likeable manner. I thoroughly recommend you see this show. It's selling out so don't miss it.

Finally, fellow sketch pals Delete the Banjax with this year's Pigs and Ponies. A really entertaining, fast-paced hour which makes great use of multimedia. I feel like I could watch Dan go off on one (as he tends to do) pretty much all day, it's very, very funny.

Pretty impressed with my tally of four shows I headed home after a productive day, feeling very pleased with myself. But what had the other gimps been doing I wondered...?

Seeing shows?

Cooking dinner for us all?

Going up Arthur's seat perhaps?

Ah, no.

They'd wrapped Richard up in all the carpets in the hall.

Of course.


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