Saturday, 21 August 2010

busy gimps

yesterday was fun. busy, but fun.

we had a photoshoot in the pleasance courtyard for a piece in the pleasance times about our flyering, we'll post the photo and article when it comes out. then i pottered (really? pottered? well, you've written it now.) off to see jess ransom's show ransom's million which was very good indeed. if you like character comedy you'll enjoy this show as it's perfectly performed but also includes a strong narrative arc (pretentious today aren't we?), which not all character shows manage to pull off.

then matt and i went to see nick mohammed and were completely blown away. this year his show is absolutely brilliant. it's funny, inventive, clever and really memorable and you should see it (seriously).

then we went home for a little nap before the show. very odd crowd in last night that included a stag party so drunk that when we went to high-five them at the top of the show, they missed. their flailing hands weren't even close. a few of them passed out about half way through and the rest were just quietly annoyed that there weren't any actual gimps fighting, but there you go. the rest of the audience enjoyed it (i think).

half of us went to silent disco and the others (well, me) went for fish n' chips. the end.


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