Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Well, that's it.

The Edinburgh Fringe done for another year.

In all our years of doing the fringe in various different capacities, we've never had one quite like it. This year's was better, more successful and way more fun than we could have possible hoped for.

We sold out all but one of our twenty-five performances, received fantastic reviews and were nominated for an award. People who came to the shows were so enthusiastic and complimentary and the support from the other comedians and sketch groups was, frankly, overwhelming. Without wanting this blog to descend into some weepy Oscar acceptance speech, we would just like to say that we're incredibly grateful to everyone who had a hand in making this the best fringe on record.

A few individual thanks we'd like to mention. To all the staff at The Pleasance (especially reception, box office and of course the lovely venue technicians at the Beside), to our diretor Steve Marmion, to the Comedy Awards panel and Nica Burns, to our amazing technicians Matt Tizzle and later Dan Bennett. Gina Lyons' boundless energy, enthusiasm and support deserves special thanks as well - what a legend.

We'd also like to wish a full and speedy recovery to Will Hartley of the brilliant sketch group Clever Peter whose festival was cut short by illness- Get Well soon mate.

... and that's just about it from us. We've had a blast. We've also enjoyed doing this blog, so much so we think we might continue it, in some form or other, when we've recovered. As for the future, we start gigging again in London in a few weeks time before doing shows at festivals in Brighton, Ireland and Manchester and then an exciting thing we're doing in Autumn at the Soho theatre. So to stay in touch with all things Gimp, follow us on twitter and maybe check this blog when we've worked out what we're doing with it!

Thanks everyone,
Big Gimp Love,

David, Lee, Matt, Paul and Richard.
Late Night Gimp Fight.


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