Sunday, 8 August 2010


today for me was, in many ways, a write-off. it started with a well-deserved hangover after a fairly respectable drinking session in the pleasance performer's bar the night before. then i went to ASDA to do the weekly shop (spaghetti bolognese for seven days), got home and it started to go wrong. i'd planned to spend the afternoon seeing shows but in an effort to reset my system i went for what i thought would be a ten minute power nap. i woke up two and a half hours later feeling even more ropey, and alone in the flat. i'd missed all the shows i wanted to see. epic david fail.

however, the more productive gimps did go and see some great shows... we can fully recommend adam riches, colin hoult at pleasance and the grandees at the underbelly. all fantastic shows that should not be missed.

our own show is in a good place now. it's sold out so far and we hope this continues as it's 2for1 tickets on monday and tuesday this week. we've had a lot of reviewers in over the last couple of nights so keep an eye on our twitter feed and we'll put them up as and when they come in.

tomorrow i am going to see some shows. i promise. power naps are banned from now on.


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