Tuesday, 3 August 2010

tech tock, tech tock...

woke up today fuzzy-headed but excited as today shit starts to get real. i went for a few drinks after our spaghetti feast last night so my final chance to get to bed before 1am for the next month came and went as last orders were called in a pub in the grassmarket. however, it was great to see the clever peter boys, steve mcneil & sam pamphilon and meet rachel stubbings; all very funny people.

this evening we had the dreaded tech run in our venue (the beside) in the pleasance courtyard. as you can see, it may look like a portacabin with multicoloured windmills on it but it's in fact so much more... i think it might also be the hottest venue at the fringe.

technical rehearsals are a notoriously stressful and frought few hours where you have so much to do in so little time. what makes them even more stressful is when one of your cast (naming no names) is still in a plane somewhere between gatwick and edinburgh as the tech run begins. still, eventually richard (oops) made it, an hour and a half late. still, all the gimps are now here and raring to go.

tonight was our first chance to see how much space we have to work with, try out the more ambitious technical elements of the show and to meet the staff at our venue, who were all very nice. these guys (or girls in our case) work bloody hard and don't tend to sleep, ever, so for them to laugh in all the right places as we stumbled through the run tonight was lovely of them.

i think it went pretty well, all things considered. a few tweaks to make before tomorrow but i'm sure it'll come together. i asked matt, our technician how he felt about it and he said "all in all, today couldn't have gone any worse". i hope he was joking. please let him be joking...

we open tomorrow!


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