Friday, 6 August 2010

hitting our stride

All Aboard!

As i write this i am eating a lovely, well earned Angel cake, having done two shows today. We did our normal show and it all went swimmingly but then we were then enticed into doing a last minute comedy show with some lovely chaps, hosted by Ed from Clever Peter, and starring some fantastic new comedians and sketch groups including McNeil and Pamphilon who we saw today and were excellent. The highlight of the evening was the end where Ed in his typically charismatic way coaxed the people out of the theatre with some lovely anecdotes, my personal favourite being "get out now! just get out!"

This really finished off a lovely day that included, for the first time, getting out of the flat and actually seeing some shows. Everything we saw was of a fantastic quality and gave me a lot of confidence in this years comedy. Sorry- just going to quickly interrupt this blog to let you know what i have just seen/heard from the unknown entity that is Dave, having just sneaked up on Richard wearing only boxers i heard the words "oh god, i have put my balls in your pocket, i wanted it to be funny but it's gone to far!" Brilliant! Anyway after seeing lots of great shows we got ready for our show by having some lovely Chilli Con Carne cooked by the beautifully diabetic mess that is Matt Tizzle. We arrived at the venue and found out we had sold out which was great and we had a fantastic crowd in.

Things are really starting to come together and the fun is only just beginning!

Peace out, one love.

Matt Ralph

P.S Our interview with Hairline Magazine is now online and makes an entertaining read. Answering questions in ten words is harder than you'd think..

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