Thursday, 26 August 2010

The day after...


Safe to say that in our short history, we've never experienced a day quite like yesterday. Never.

To be perfectly frank, we're all still reeling from the nomination, and the messages of support and congratulations from friends too numerous to mention. Thanks guys, we are ridiculously grateful.

Safe to say it was a bit of a late one last night, as we shared a couple of celebratory bottles of champagne with our director Steve and our PR team (the amazing Claire Walker PR). Then it was off home to wash our coloured hoodies (now pretty shabby after twenty odd shows) for todays photoshoot. No prizes for guessing which lucky gimp got to stay up until 6AM to make sure they were dry...

After a couple of hours sleep, we were all back up and ready for the shoot (except Dave, who looked like death). We piled enthusiastically into the car we had been sent, and waited for the journey to begin, beaming in anticipation. Needless to say, we were all a little dumbstruck when the cab driver turned round to us and asked "Where to, pal?"

We had no idea.

However, after a swift phonecall we were shortly dropped off at our location and ushered inside. There we shared muffins, bacon sandwiches and tea with our fellow newcomer nominees Imran Yusuf, Asher Treleaven, Gareth Richards, Roisin Conaty and The Boy with Tape on his Face. We saw the main category nominees (Russell Kane, Greg Davies, Josie Long, Bo Burnham and Sarah Millican) having their group photos, and we followed shortly, accompanied by our gimp, whose identity, much like the Stig, shall remain a closely guarded secret.

Following that came the rather odd but all the same exciting individual shots holding the actual trophy, all of us trying to look like we'd won already. These are so the press are ready to publish the photos immediately, whoever wins. A few more photos, a couple of interviews (all with our ever present gimp) and then we were back home, and straight to bed. The Rock 'n' Roll lifestyle of sketch comedians...


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