Tuesday, 10 August 2010

pickled eggs

Hey there.

Paul again. Apparently my last blog was very comma heavy, so that's something I'll be watching out for this time around. One there already.

So last nights show went really well. And as a reward we all decided to go home and watch 'The Human Centipede', something we said we'd do after our first sell out, but failed to do after our first night! However, the early night didn't go off as planned, as we didn't start watching the film til two in the morning, largely due to the late arrival of Steve, our director, who would not let us begin the film until we had all downed a pickled egg. What a cruel man he is.

The film itself was something of a disappointment. We felt it just didn't go far enough after it's initial exploration of the idea. We can only hope visionary director Tom Six goes further with the impending sequel.

Despite the film's slight inadequacy in satisfying our baser urges, a good night was had by all of Late Night Gimp Fight. That was until 5 AM, when, at Steve's behest, Matt and I crept into Rich and Dave's room and tried to force feed them the remaining pickled eggs. Immediately we knew this was a mistake. We crossed a line.

After a ridiculous lie-in and cup of tea by way of apology to Rich and Dave, we decided to take in a few shows. Today's highlights included Bane 2, Joe Bone's brilliant sequel to last year's Bane, which he is also reprising this year at the GRV. Definitely worth catching.

After our show, which went pretty well tonight, we dashed off to the Dome to watch The Horne Section. It was a truly fantastic night, with Tim Key, Jeremy Lion and David O'Doherty all performing cracking sets. Try and get tickets for this amazing show, as it is the perfect way to end a long, hard day at the Fringe.

I am scrabbling for a way to end this pretty substandard blogging effort. That's because it's nearly six o'clock in the bloody morning. In fact, I'm so tired, I'm not even going to try and write a vaguely amusing ending.

Stop reading.


Let me go to sleep!

Paul xxx

PS We got a nice four star review from Veronica Lee (of The Sunday Telegraph fame) for the Arts Desk. Have a read and get yourself down to the Beside in...17 and a half hours time.

Just don't wake me up before then.

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