Thursday, 12 August 2010

Where is Richard?


Richard's still out and has neglected his duties once again. He was last seen walking out of a bar having turned his back on the gimps, muttering "As long as it gets done..."

So. What to do...

We could tell you about what we did today (saw shows), what we ate (spaghetti) and how the show went (pretty well) but instead I think we should use today's blog to speculate on what Richard could currently be doing...

1. Eating battered sausages.
2. Grunting like a pig.
3. Being posh.
4. Disappointing everyone.
5. Not doing the washing up.
6. Snoring.
7. Not flyering.
8. Looking old.
9. Wearing his Dad's blue jumper.
10. Eating more battered sausages.

I suppose your guess is as good as ours, but it's bound to be one of them.

Let's see if he manages to do one tomorrow. Anyone care to make a bet....?


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