Monday, 16 August 2010

short and sweet

What's up gimp fans?

For performers the fringe has really been going for about 2 weeks now. Some of the gimps arrived a couple of Sundays ago to put up posters, sort props and some other stuff and with two weeks remaining, we're at about the half way point. Everyone is feeling the strain of doing massive 2 hour days plus time at the bar and patience with each others particulars is wearing thin. People are starting to get ill, tempers are flaring and Richard's still here.

Still, the show's going well and that's what's important I suppose. The sell-outs continue and we've a day off coming up soon, the holy grail. There's another nice review here.

Also, Thank you to Matthew from Pappy's for
being the only audience member yet to take a picture of our Matt in the intro to the show. Every night he screams "TAKE A PHOTO!!!" and unsurprisingly, until last night no-one had obliged. Until now.

Matt Tizzle.

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