Sunday, 22 August 2010

sunday fun.

i had an early night last night, partly cos i was feeling ropey and partly cos i knew i was getting up early today for Tim Key's album launch. i say early... the launch was at 3pm.

i was however awoken rather earlier than expected by what sounded like the exorcism of emily rose coming from inside the bathroom. matt, our tech, was being thunderously, epicly sick in the toilet. it honestly sounded like the end of the world. horrific. the jury's still out on why he was so ill (drunk/infection/diabetes...). matt isn't having the best time of it in our bathroom recently to be fair... yesterday he cracked the bath by "standing in the shower". as i say, he's a one-off.

anyway, back to the album launch. this was, as you'd expect of anything affiliated with the invisible dot, great shambolic fun. it took place in avalanche records, just off the royal mile and featured alex horne on megaphone, nick mohammed on violin and tim key on a stepladder.

the album is a collection of key's poems performed with the backing of a string quartet (who, we are informed were "a bit moody on the day") and, because this is an invisible dot venture... it's released on vinyl. (it will be on CD and download come october... i think i'll wait till then for mine). at the launch key performed a few poems while nick mohammed attempted some violin accompaniment. there was a sketch by horne and key about eggs, before the whole proceedings was almost derailed when key discovered he'd misplaced his can of irn bru. "how can you lose a can of irn bru, honestly...?"

it was a bizarre but very enjoyable 25 minutes or so and a perfect distraction on a sunday afternoon.

one more bit of news to report, we got a lovely ★★★★ review from chortle, surprising as we thought they hated us, but we're very grateful all the same, and glad they enjoyed it.

enjoy the rest of your weekends.


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