Friday, 20 August 2010

Road to Recovery

A couple of days ago, Team Gimp Fight was in a very sorry state. The excesses of Edinburgh had finally caught up with us all with Dave and Matt (R) suffering from the dreaded fringe flu and everyone else just feeling knackered. Words like 'ropey', 'tired', 'ill' and 'unsettling' were banded about and, for a split second, we thought maybe this year the Fringe would get the better of us....

BUT, as luck would have it, Wednesday was our day off and, after an enormous lie-in we all woke up feeling on top form (except Matt R who still felt poorly but fought on valiantly). The thing about a day off in Edinburgh is that you kind of feel like you need to make the most it and ram it full with as many activities as possible as show days are normally full of flyering and promotion. The great thing about having a show at 11pm is that during the day we really are free to see shows, climb Arthur's Seat and watch mime on the Royal Mile... as promoting a show called Late Night Gimp Fight can really only take place in the evening (last year a child thought one of the Gimps was Spiderman and demanded a picture. Yes. It was as awkward as it sounds.) So, the day off really was just a matter of recuperating (I sat in Starbucks and finished my book which was excellent by the way) and catching the shows that clash with Gimp Fight. We therefore had an awesome evening watching our sketch group buddies Clever Peter and The Beta Males' Picnic. Both shows were hilarious, sharp and slick so definitely catch them!

So that was our day off. Pretty eventful I think you'll agree. Oh, and we got 4 stars in Three Weeks which was nice. All in all, a good day!

In an attempt to get back on the Edinburgh wagon, I tried to catch as many shows as possible on Thursday but failed miserably. Managed to catch Adam Riches' show which was completely out of control but utterly brilliant (my advice would be not to sit on the front row if you are shy!) but missed Tim Vine. Paul however did see Tim and regaled us with as many puns as he could remember.

Dave went to see a show called Operation Greenfield and absolutely loved it, he hasn't stopped going on about it since and has made the rest of us book tickets for it immediately, so we're looking forward to that. It sounds great so follow the link if you are interested. So with puns in our ears, we got ready for our first show in 48 hours. It was a weird feeling as although it was only one day off, it felt like we hadn't performed the show in weeks so the nerves were back in force. As it turned out, the audience were on top form so it was a great show to get back into the swing of things. Also, my comedy hero Frank Skinner was in the audience! So exciting! We finished the night by breaking free of Brookes Bar and celebrating Will from Clever Peter's birthday in the Library Bar. Happy Birthday Will!

Well, the weekend is nearly upon us and almost every gimp has friends visiting so it should be an epic couple of days filled with the Silent Disco, the Boy with Tape on his Face, jagerbombs.... Have a good weekend everyone!


P.S. To all you people going to the Invisible Dot Club event 'By the Sea', I am incredibly jealous of you. It will be an epic evening. Can you do it in London Mr Invisible Dot?

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