Monday, 9 August 2010

Right on Cue.

Hello, I'm Matt. I'm Late Night Gimp Fight's Techie gimp.

With a heavy heart and a lump in my throat it becomes my responsibility to write the now, quite underwhelming, Late Night Gimp Fight daily blog.

It's 6 days in and I've managed to see a lot of shows and as is always the case with the fringe, I've seen some fantastic stuff, and some proper crap. Thankfully so far, the good has out weighed the bad and my faith in the fringe is still strong.

For my blog I will give you, the general public, a Late Night Gimp Fight exclusive:


After Clearance

Fade SFX out
Video 1 GO

See, worth waiting for.

For anyone who has seen the show, you may have noticed that by the end of the hour, I'm a sweaty mess standing behind the lighting desk, wishing desperately for a swift end to my miserable existence. This how I normally am and has nothing to do with the show.

Dave has said I have to include some productive information about the show. Sigh. Here's a clipping from the G2 section of today's Guardian talking about gimps. Oh, and our review from The Guardian is online here.

Matt Tizzle.

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