Tuesday, 17 August 2010

fringe flu

helo everyone.

a lot to report so i'll get through it as quick as i can. first: i'm getting ill. the dreaded fringe flu is threatening to rear its ugly head. it's always the same; towards the end of week three the consistent late nights, hard drinking and terrible diet begin to take their toll. it's alright though, i'm determined to beat it off with a good night's sleep and an arsenal of smoothies. also, we have a much needed day off tomorrow in which i intend to do as little as physically possible. this year i'm not kidding myself that i'll do anything worthwhile with the free time like climb arthur's seat or try to see over ten shows... no no, tomorrow is about rest. and i'm well up for it.

next up the interview we did with three weeks radio is up. here's a photo of one of us being interviewed in the fresh air studios.

a quick word about the show. the sell-outs continue and last night we had our best show yet. the audience were bang up for it from the start so we fed off their energy and the show flew by. we even got a standing ovation! i don't think we'll ever have a reaction as good as that again. it was brilliant.

finally, i must tell you about the most extraordinary show i've seen at the fringe this year. daniel kitson's it's always right now, until it's later. this morning i woke up at 9am (a new fringe record) hungover after the pleasance mid-fringe party and just under four hours sleep. i stumbled across town bleary eyed to the traverse theatre for the show, which started at the frankly offensive time of 10am. but over the next 90 minutes i witnessed one of the funniest, most moving and profound pieces of theatre i've ever seen. as a long term kitson fan i knew it was bound to be good, but this was something else, it was incredible. the show deals with life, love and all the tiny seemingly insignificant but life-altering moments in between. if you see one show this fringe, make it this one. there are very few tickets left but if you can, get hold of one... you won't regret it.

right, i'm off to bed. a proper night's sleep awaits.


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