Thursday, 5 August 2010

Video killed the radio star

I really hoped we wouldn't have to do it this year. I really, really did. But no, today we again found ourselves performing that early Fringe ritual of trawling the charity shops and pound shops of Edinburgh for miscellaneous props and costumes we hadn't accounted for, like so many sketch groups before us. Nice to see the Royal Mile coming to life, though. By the weekend it'll be rammed with festivalgoers, flyering performers and, quite possibly, gimps.

Perhaps the highlight of today was huddling round the laptop to hear Dave and Matt being interviewed on Freshair radio. We even tried counting the number of times Matt snuck in his newly acquired catchphrase "All aboard!", but lost count after about five minutes. Watch this space to hear the interview in its entirety, a nice relaxed hour of music, banter and quite possibly, gimps.

Lee has discovered a new game to play every morning. He thinks it's pretty hilarious to draw portraits of me in a variety of, shall we say, unflattering positions on the steamed up bathroom mirror. I have no idea what he'll have me doing by the end of the month. No doubt it'll involve even more images of inhumane depravity. And quite possibly, gimps.

Just about to have dinner. Pizzas tonight. Matt, our tech, had the Sloppy Giuseppe (I always feel uncomfortable ordering that in a restaurant), and a couple of the other gimps are having Pepperonis. I myself have been allocated a Margherita. Cheers, guys.

Right, I'd better wrap things up. We've got a couple of tweaks to make after last night's show. Nothing too drastic. Then off to flyer the Courtyard dressed as gimps. What happened to my life?

Apparently I've got to sign off with a quote from Matt the aforementioned techie. He's literally said nothing of any interest today until thirty seconds ago, when he yelled "I can't believe you're doing that before the show, you are blogging about us sitting around the flat for 6 hours doing nothing!"

Not true. I just threw a packet of Space Raiders at Lee's head.


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