Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Final Countdown....

Having fought my way up to Edinburgh via the Gatwick Express and a horrific Easyjet flight, it was fantastic to wake up at the Fringe knowing that the next few weeks will consist of comedy shows, beer and the odd battered sausage! While the novelty of the Gimp flat may have worn off on the other gimps, I spent the majority of the morning pointing out it's awesome features like some crazed estate agent. We have a filter coffee machine! A flat screen tv! A mug tree!

Once the others had managed to drag me away from the balcony (I know!), we headed to our director Steve's flat for a few final run throughs before our opening preview show tonight. I think we all felt much more confident with our changes and scenes once we'd been through them a couple of times and so, after a quick visit to the Pound Shop to hunt for a gimp lead we returned to the flat for a team meal in order to psyche ourselves up for the first flyering session of the festival. David absolutely nailed the supper and we headed to the Courtyard clad in our new t'shirts (available to buy if you fancy) in order to coax people to come to a show that we were all feeling very nervous about. Our nerves weren't helped by the fact that during the walk to the Pleasance, a local didn't take kindly to a prop sword Dave was holding and declared he was going to "slice and dice us and turn us in to porridge". He may have also said the word shank.

However, the fantastic news we discovered when we arrived was that we had sold out. The audience were great for a preview and have definitely helped us in deciding which bits and bobs need tweaking. As is almost tradition on this blog, I'll leave you with the preeminent words of our technician Matt to sum up how the show went. He tweeted: "Oh dear god. Too many cues, too little time. And I have to stand up for the whole show. And I needed a wee and a drink.' At time of writing he is still in the bar.

If you happen to be free tomorrow at 11am, tune in and listen to a couple of us being interviewed on Freshair radio.


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