Sunday, 12 August 2012

almost half-way

well we're nearly at the half-way point and the familiar mid-fringe slump is threatening to rear its head. not a slump in the show thankfully, which is running smoothly again after some technical blips, but you just get to the point about half-way through when you start to miss home and loved ones and feel like you've been here a lot longer than you have.

check that out for a depressing start to a blog, eh? 

it will pass quickly i'm sure; we have our day off on tuesday and we're hoping that after the olympics finishes tonight the number of visitors to the fringe will start to creep up again as tourists make their way from london to edinburgh. 

it's funny, we really didn't expect the olympics to have any real effect on fringe sales, but numbers this year have been noticeably lower across the board, so hopefully that will change after this weekend.

UPDATE: just read this article by richard herring about the lower audience numbers this year. worth a read.

last night i managed to escape the fried food and hot dogs of the fringe for one night only, when i went out for a posh meal. so more to invite jealousy than anything else, (but also cos the blog hasn't contained enough pictures this year) here's what i ate...

that's just a bit of roe deer with some skirlie, on a bed of beetroot and pea purée, topped with blackberries... 

chill out.

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