Saturday, 4 August 2012

Now then. Baggles here.

So one week in and it finally feels like we’re at the Fringe; 2AM is considered an early night, between-show boredom in the Pleasance Courtyard has led to the consumption of countless plastic hotdogs, and of course, the 8 o’ clock hour has been devoted each night to that erstwhile Gimp Fight pastime: flyering.  This being our fourth Edinburgh Festival as a group, many people assume that we shouldn’t have to promote our own show any more, thanks to the great work of our flyering team, but we still like getting out in the Courtyard ourselves with a gimp in tow and talking to people.  A cynic might describe this as “getting the brand out there”, but we just see it as a unique way to meet comedy goers before the show.

Granted, as a group of men approaching 30, being led around a public place on a dog lead and behind a mask, hearing “bring out the gimp” for the seventeenth time that evening can feel ever so slightly humiliating.  But it is genuinely good fun too, and from time to time elicits the most amazing responses.  Steve, or Director Gimp as he prefers to be known, reminded us the other day of the time he asked a guy at the Courtyard bar if he would like to “stroke a gimp”, to which the broad Scottish reply came “Is he a Lithuanian?!”

We saw the Three Englishmen yesterday, who are on at 5.40pm in the Pleasance Dome, and they gave a genuinely funny and inventive hour, as they always do.  Between us we also saw our favourite double act McNeil and Pamphilon doing what they do best, and Ed Eales-White's show Champions, which was brilliant.  Character comedy at its best.  All three shows are highly recommended by the gimps.

Right, pasta’s ready, so I’d better wrap this up.  It’s ten to eight, which can only mean one thing: Gimping awaits…

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