Wednesday, 1 August 2012

We're back.

back in edinburgh, back with a new show, and back frantically making last minute changes, finishing the technical elements and desperately trying to get the show ready before we open tonight.

on monday we had our seven-hour tech rehearsal, which went reasonably well- still wasn't enough to fit in an actual run of the show- but the lighting and microphones were working well, so even if we forget our lines, don't make a single costume change in time, or are just generally not very funny... it will look and sound lovely. so that's something.

we then went for a late curry with steve, our director. we asked him how long he was planning to stay up in edinburgh for and he said he'll be here "until the show's not shit". let's hope he's not getting the 12:00 return on 28th august with the rest of us then. we'll see...

today we had a shit load of jobs to do before we open tomorrow: film & edit lots of 'gimp stings' (the short interstitial gimp-based videos we play between sketches), buy some chairs and a table we need for the show, and re-paint our floor cloth. the chairs and table meant a trip to IKEA, a peculiar place to be the day before the fringe starts but there we go.

my (david) room in the flat we're staying in has everything you'd expect from a bedroom... except a mirror. clearly i'm far too vain to imagine not seeing my own face for a full month so i thought i'd pick one up while we were there. quickly this important furtinure buying mission became a frivolous quest to find me the best mirror for the best price. i don't think matt and paul weren't convinced this was the best use of our time. still, check out this bad boy- and only a tenner!

we spent the afternoon getting the rest of the jobs done until tizzle our unsung technical hero cooked us what regular readers of this blog will remember is one of the three stable meals we eat while we're up here: chilli (the other two being curry and spag bol).

there's still a bit of work to be done before we open but we think we're in a better position than we have been in previous years, so we're naively optimistic about how the first night's going to go. i think we've worked harder on this show than any other we've done so we really hope people like it, we're very proud of it.

it's worth saying, if you'd like to see our show this year, we're on every day (except 14th) at the pleasance courtyard, in a venue called the forth, at 10pm. tickets can be booked here.

spread the word. the gimps are back in town.


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