Thursday, 16 August 2012

fish pie.

completely lacking in inspiration for the blog today i'm afraid.

so i'll tell you about the pie i just ate.

first up, it was bloody lovely.

sainsbury's taste the difference fish pie with salmon, smoked haddock and king prawn.

now they didn't skimp on the haddock either, some lovely bits of haddock in there. a lot of fish pies will just whack a load of salmon in and hope for the best. this one had the haddock to salmon ratio pretty much spot on.

if we're nitpicking, it was stretching it slightly to dub these prawns "king prawns". i think we both know they were just regular prawns. but no problem with that, they were after all tasty, and provided a welcome bit of texture to each mouthful.

veg came in the form of some spinach concealed within the maris piper mash, as i think we all suspected it would.

i'm not the kind of animal who'll just sit there and destroy a pie on its own, so i accessorised with some brocolli on the side.

the pie came in at a mean 12.2g fat (calm down guys, only 6.6g of it saturates), 1.92g of salt and a round 381 calories. what? it's nearly christmas.

the important thing to remember here, was that this was oven cooked from chilled in only 25 minutes.

need i say more?

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