Wednesday, 15 August 2012

human for a day.

well, our day off yesterday was bloody lovely.

we got up after a respectable lie-in and gave the flat a much needed clean, so we can now see surfaces again and that odd smell in the kitchen seems to have gone.

while the others went off to do rod is god i went to see 'bad musical' at the gilded balloon, which was bloody great. i love the guys that made it, they're called the trap and they did a series of parodies of worthy plays years ago called 'bad play' and they've made a very welcome return to the fringe with their latest show. great performances, sublime touches and just a very funny hour.

i then went off in search of some vegetables. i ended up in pizza express but the thought was there, and it was at least nice to be eating something that wasn't battered.

in the evening i saw joel dommett at the pleasance courtyard and it was another brilliant show. for the second year running he has made such an uplifting and properly funny hour of comedy look absolutely effortless.

i couldn't have asked for two better shows on my day off, and with my spirits raised and the freedom of not having to do our show that night i headed home for an early night happy, and almost human again.

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