Thursday, 2 August 2012

the dreaded first night...

first nights are always hard. you spend all day stressing about it and no matter how much preparation you do it will never go perfectly. it was after all the first time we've run through the show in the venue. to be fair, nothing major went wrong last night, just lots of niggly things that we can do better (microphones falling off, messed up costume changes, a few technical gremlins) but all stuff that can be fixed.

every year we seem to come off stage after the first preview a bit shell-shocked and wondering if we've created the right show at all! luckily these are the moments when steve, our director, picks us up (not literally) and points out that it's usually little adjustments, rather than a complete re-write, that'll make a big difference, and he's right.

so today we went through the show and worked out what we need to do over the next couple of previews to iron out these things and get the show to a place that we're happy with.

we should say we had a lovely, very warm audience who were willing us on from the start and were very patient with the bits that we didn't quite get right. so thank you, we do appreciate it.

after the show one drink became two, three, four, then jagerbombs started flowing and before we knew it we were in Scotmid at 4am buying rustlers burgers and in matt's case... a victoria sponge.

nothing changes.

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