Thursday, 9 August 2012

flippin' tech

well, we had another tech issues-affected show last night i'm afraid to say.

it was less serious than wednesday's disaster but still affected ours and inevitably the audience's enjoyment of some of the show, which is a shame. we're trying not to get too down about it, which in turn will make this blog less depressing reading... but it is a bit dispiriting when a show that you've put a year's work into is undone by factors beyond your control.

still, things could be a lot worse and now we've hopefully identified what the problem was that was causing the issues, the show should run smoothly from now on. keep everything crossed for us please!

and it's not all bad... the weather these last few days has been fantastic and there's a new nando's in the centre of edinburgh that we are making excellent use of.

we've also seen some brilliant shows, here's one we'd particularly recommend. john peel's shed, the smash hit from comedy connoisseurs show and tell is up here for a limited run so if you haven't seen it, you must. tickets are almost all gone so move fast! it's a really lovely storytelling show all about one man's passion for british radio. funny, nostalgic, moving and accompanied by a great soundtrack.

i'm off to see ed eales-white's solo character show again today because it's that good. if you haven't seen it yet- you're missing out. character comedy done brilliantly by an instinctively great performer. what more could you want? it's on every day at 5.45 in the pleasance courtyard's baby grand.

speaking of good shows i'm about to trump the lot of you by going to see daniel kitson tonight. that's the way to end a day at the fringe in style.

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