Tuesday, 14 August 2012

day off!

it's our day off today.

a much needed chance to clean the flat, eat some proper food, go and see some shows and not worry about ours at all.

we had a late one last night, the highlight of which was getting paul absolutely battered in a drinking game with tom from the noise next door, as part of their 24 hour fringe adventure.

the game was to come up with jokes based on topics the audience suggested, and the least funny joke meant the designated member of each team (for LNGF it was paul) had to down a drink. there were five in total. from memory they were: a pint of beer, a neat gin, a goldschl├Ąger, a tequila and a red wine. now, given we're a sketch act not famed for our improvisational skill and we were up against the noise next door who do this for a living... we held our own pretty well, thanks to a combination of paul's terrible puns and the noise next door's tiredness. in the end everyone had to down all their drinks anyway so we all won. or in a more accurate sense, lost.

we must say huge congratulations to them - incredibly they still haven't finished. i believe it ends at 7pm tonight. i just walked past a couple of them and they looked... well, like they'd been up for over thirty hours wandering around edinburgh doing ridiculous tasks....

well done boys.

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