Monday, 13 August 2012

busy day


bit of a busy day today.

we had the last of our internet shopping delivered this morning so the next two weeks will be an exercise in rationing the mince and -bizarrely- baby corn we seem to have stocked up on.

we're seeing some shows this afternoon, then doing the chortle fast fringe at 6.40 which is always a fleeting but fun gig. today's lineup includes ed gamble, jigsaw, piff the magic dragon and john shuttleworth so should be a cracker.

we'll probably do a bit of flyering around the courtyard before our own show at 10pm.  then we're off to do a thing for the noise next door's 24 hour fringe adventure which you can read more about here.

after that we'll probably get dangerously drunk as it's our day off tomorrow.

should be good.

in the absence of any relevant picture, here's a photo of us having been tarred and feathered.

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