Sunday, 19 August 2012

what a day.

yesterday was our favourite day of the fringe so far.

the show was sold out, which was a great start. almost doubling our venue size this year was a bit of a gamble and given how the well-documented lower audience numbers generally have made such an impact on this year's fringe it was a real vindication to have the venue packed to the rafters last night.

the air-con was down in our venue which made performing the show akin to running a marathon on a treadmill, in a sauna. but the audience were great and managed not to pass out and we all got through it, while losing about a stone in sweat along the way.

but that was only the beginning. we then had to leg-it across town to do bbc comedy presents at the BBC tent by george square. those gigs can always be a bit of a battle as they do go on for a long time and the audience have been in there for ages without much of a break. but we got into our stride and by the end i think they got into it.

that gig done we then had to dash over the the udderbelly to do spanktacular. spank is probably our favourite gig of all time. we love it. the guys that run it are good friends, the show is brilliant and the crowds are always fantastic and last night was no exception.

we arrived a sweaty mess so i nipped into the abattoir (the private bar in the udderbelly) to freshen up in the toilet. i was chucking cold water over myself and patting myself down with hand towels (a strong look, i think we can all agree) in the smallest toilet in the world when who should walk in but hugh grant. he gave me a look as if to say 'what the fuck?' (fair) so i explained "don't worry i'm not dying, i just did two shows in a row..." he smiled in that way only hugh grant can and replied "did you die at those?"

the old dog has still got it. if it was raining... i wouldn't have noticed.

the gig at spank itself was a fucking triumph. we were on first so the crowd were bang up for it, so much so they were on their feet all the way through our one direction parody, which was great -if a little awkward as we still had two sketches to go. but we finished with our 'strip' sketch which gave them well and truly what they wanted and cemented spank's position as our favourite gig on the fringe.

beat that, sunday.

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