Wednesday, 8 August 2012

the nightmare show.

it happens every run. the night where it all goes wrong. well, last night we had it. or at least, we hope that's it.

this year our show is very reliant (arguably too reliant...) on technical elements, and last night the tech decided not to play.

the computer that we run the show off (the lighting, sound and video cues all come from one computer) had gremlins that we couldn't fix which meant having to stumble through the video elements of the show, and apologise to the audience a lot.

fortunately, we've been rehearsing a song that we could do in emergencies if such a cock-up did happen. unfortunately, that song is only a few minutes long and we needed a bit more than that to try and fix things. we filled a bit more time by singing our bestiality rap from last year while lee and the technicians scrambled to get things up and running again.

eventually we got through to the end of the show thanks to a wonderfully supportive and patient sold out crowd who appreciated what we were going through, and were willing us to get through it, which i think we just about did with our reputations in tact.

as a result we've spent all of today working with a computer expert trying to identify and fix the problem. we think even if we can't completely fix it today, we can work out a version of the show that won't be too affected. but fingers crossed we'll be able to sort it in time for tonight.

we must say a huge thank you not only to last night's audience but also to our venue staff who were amazing and completely calm in a crisis. jo and her team have gone out of their way to help us sort the situation and came in early today to give us some extra tech time in the venue. we're very grateful to them all.

right, we're on our way back to the venue shortly to finish re-teching things. wish us luck.

p.s. next year i swear to god... we're making a show with no tech. just sketches and blackouts...
if only.

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