Monday, 6 August 2012


i'm injured.

clearly the fringe gods were not happy with my decision to try to stay healthy and active this month and a day after going for a fairly long run in the gym, my foot is in considerable pain when i walk.

it's very annoying, particularly as we gimps aren't famed for our sympathy towards each other when one of us is in pain. "have you tried manning up?" is hardly an NHS prescription. speaking of which, i have of course been looking up the symptoms on NHS direct and have narrowed it down to: tendon strain, trapped nerve, or a slow heart attack.

the upshot is i've had to stay in resting the foot all day so it doesn't affect the show tonight. it's frustrating as a) it's sunny in edinburgh today and b) it's 2for1 day so it's normally a great day to get out and see shows.

still, in slightly happier news the 2for1 thing means tonight and tomorrow's shows will be full audiences which always makes the show that bit more fun. oh, and i had my first culinary fringe institution last night in the form of chips with salt n' sauce. mmm.

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