Sunday, 5 August 2012

hung. over.

urgh. we feel awful.

we had our street team (our lovely flyerers) drinks last night. a great night but it ended in brooks bar at five this morning debating with mark watson about the best way to eat baked beans. it was one of those nights.

we had to be up at a reasonable hour today too, to record a song for an E4 podcast at the udderbelly. to say it was a weird gig would be putting it pretty mildly. there was a great lineup (sean hughes, susan calman, sarah kendall etc) but the acts had to be interviewed chat show style and not only was it confusingly recorded out of sequence, but most of the questions were about cows (the udderbelly connection, which explains the whole "podcalf" name) so it was hard to tell who was more confused; the acts or the audience.

we were just there to record our bestiality song which has a pretty high expletives-per-minute hit ratio, which makes performing it in front of a twelve year-old boy in the front row awkward at best.

still, we did the gig and then my hangover really started to kick in. it was one of those slow-burners where you wake up thinking you're ok, then two hours later my face was sweating. my face. not even a city restaurant fry-up could save me and i stumbled over to the pleasance courtyard to record what must have been one of the most bumbling, incomprehensible and uninspiring interviews i've ever done, live on radio. i can only apologise to anyone who hears it. not my finest hour.

fortunately, i did see a good show to pick me up: matthew crosby's latest standup offering, which was great. it's a really warm, relaxed, but very funny show and he's such a natural performer the hour flies by. really worth seeing.

just time for a red bull and a pizza to get me through to tonight's show then an early night for me i think.

oh, i've done something to my foot. it started hurting when i was walking around today. any ideas, anyone?

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