Saturday, 11 August 2012

back on track.

we seem to have overcome the tech issues and the show is running as we want it to again. it's such a relief and means the enjoyment of the show has come flooding back and we're all having fun onstage again.

we had a busy day yesterday rammed full of gigs: we did five in total including our own show and rod is god, and squeezed in some shows as well: sammy j (another great new show), trevor noah (just brilliant stand-up), totally tom (such funny, effortless performers) and i saw an excellent show i'd like to particularly recommend...

it's a clowning physical comedy called waiting for stanley at assembly roxy at 3.45. if you're up for taking a chance on something a bit different, this show is the thing. it's performed perfectly, is funny, moving and the staging and moments of puppetry and physical theatre are so clever and inventive the hour really does fly by. i can't recommend it highly enough.

one final tip - the beta males are doing a late show tonight and again on 17th & 18th called midnight movie theatre and it's a really fun, unique show. we're appearing in it briefly again tonight with a whole host of great performers so if you find yourself in the pleasance courtyard around midnight looking for something completely different, come and check it out!

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